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When you need Support, we have it covered with Real people and Real Work

 Working towards making a difference in the world of customer support with Technology and People. We are a company at development and service that people love.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

If you have an application running on one environment and wish to move this to a new environment, we can help you to migrate, ensuring downtime and risk are both minimized to your business. We carefully do the migration process of your application from A to B safely, and securely on time.

Application Maintenance

Shris being a development company, it understands the pain of Application Maintenance. Our team and the process has been defined with an extensive thought to provide our clients with an utmost 24/7 Maintenance support.

Customer Support

At Shris, developing a product is one area and providing customer support for the same is one major area. We help the users in Training them on the product usage, Troubleshooting the performance issues, and maintenance of the product.

Application Performance Tracking

Every user has a different issue in the Application performance. Tracking the same has been a challenge for most of the development companies and that is where Shris extends its unique feature of Performance Tracking and control.

Issue Tracking

Be it a Software company or an End-user, we help you in fixing the bugs of your application. At times when resources and time are limited, Shris will be your partner in doing this effectively.

Application Enhancement

At Shris, it is our practice to work closely with the client to understand the performance and constantly help them enhance the performance of the applications.

High Throughput Technology Stack

Our expertise and experience in high throughput distributed platform uses a wide range technologies and systems.

  • Happy-Kids
  • clinico
  • proway
  • unilearn
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView

L1, L2, and L3 Support

At L1 support function, our trained tech team will analyse the issue and try resolve if the issue is at basic level.

If the issue persists the user will be escalated to L2 where the L2 team will work on the root cause analysis and work on resolving the issue and if the issue is not resolved then, the L3 team with high technical knowledge at design, architecture and coding level will be involved with direct user interaction for a satisfactory issue resovance.

Application Monitoring and Issue Tracking

We follow a methodological approach throughout the application working, its performance and issue tracking for the product life-cycle in providing quality support and maintenance in order to determine, design and deliver best fit application.

The Shris Edge

Partner in Progress

We work as your OWN extended IT team. Our partnership will let you focus on your core business activities while our IT services help you progress to reach your business goals.

Experience to Rely on

We have a long track record of delivering quality services to our esteemed clientele for more than a decade.

Affordable High-Quality Service

We guarantee high quality and timely services at affordable price. Our structured approach to deliver our services is highly productive and cost-effective

Crisp Process & Plan

Our proven software development methodologies help to deliver quality product and service in a well structured and agile manner with strict adherence to timelines and cost.

We Know Technology

Our pool of highly qualified technologists will constantly work with you to design, develop and deploy quality business solutions to meet your needs and demands.

Support to Rely On

Our committed to provide you with a support model that will ensure the solutions we deliver are supported and maintained 365/24/7 throughout the life of your applications.

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