TeachLively enables educators to improve student performance by bringing together various educational programs and initiatives around curriculum, assessments, instruction, reporting, and analysis into a single user-friendly platform.


Performance Analysis: Augie enables you to conduct extensive analysis on students’ and teachers’ performance across various subjects and topics. You will be able to pinpoint and identify your student’s areas of strength and weakness. You will then be able to prepare rigorous tailor-made lessons and examinations to target their areas of weakness. Based on the examination results across various students, Augie also enables you to analyse and identify your teacher’s performance in a particular subject and topic.

Big Data in Edu: Augie is powered by a Big Data Analytics engine to provide a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for student and teachers assessment. Student performance can be measured across various dimensions such as Bloom’s taxonomy factors, country/state standards, subjects, topics, grade, severity level, and question patterns. Comparative performance analysis can be done at the peer-to-peer, school-to-school and region-to-region level as well.

Cloud based solution: Augie (Augmenting Education) is an online Learning and Assessment software delivered in the SaaS model on cloud. SaaS model implies zero investment on infrastructure to deliver the software to your users. Whether you are an Institution, a School, a Corporation or a small Tutorial, Augie will enable you to prepare your own rigorous question, exams, and lessons and deliver them to your students via the internet. Instructors will also be able to conduct live training sessions to their students using integrated video, audio, and chat functionality.

Student – Trainer: Augie enables educators to improve student performance by bringing together various educational programs and initiatives around curriculum, assessments, instruction, reporting and analysis into a single user-friendly platform. Augie empowers educators to make informed instructional decisions based on performance analysis of instructors and students. Educators will be able to construct standards-based curriculum to ensure consistent and rigorous instructional material in the forms of lessons and exams, and administer formative assessments to help educators identify instructor and student strengths and weaknesses and track their progress on a daily basis.

Exam Prep: Augie is an ideal tool to provide access to lessons, homeworks and practice tests to your students via any internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. Students will be able to study and practice from the convenience of their homes and even on the move using mobile devices.

In Augie, exam templates can be defined to create exams dynamically from your question bank. Once an exam template is defined based on subject, topic, grade, level, standard, taxonomy, and other parameters, a new exam will be created every time the template is executed. Augie also provides a way for students to create dynamic practice exams within a targeted list of subjects and topics, thereby enabling them to focus on their areas of weakness. Additionally, students can take real-time performance-based exams where the questions get dynamically added to the exam based on performance in the previous questions.

The content created in Augie, such as lessons, exams and questions can be restricted for access to the various application users using the security features provided. However, Augie enables institutions and other content creators to sell their content to any public user via an integrated online payment gateway provided. Additionally, Augie provides a way to share the created content using integrated FaceBook functionality, whereby, students and teachers will be able to collaborate and create content with their friends and family.

Multi-media Support: Lessons and questions can be created in rich text format with embedded images, audio, and video snippets. Students will be able to see the images and play the audio and video content while answering the questions in the exam.

Question Types: Augie supports the creation of various types of questions, such as single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, match the following, comprehension, subjective and essay.

Question Categorization: Each question in Augie can be categorized by assigning attributes, such as multiple subjects, topics, grades, levels, Bloom’s taxonomy, standards to helps in conducting performance analysis at a very granular level.

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