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We offer a unique collection of best practices in architecting and designing & developing healthcare IT solutions, technology and business solutions to help healthcare industry clients.

Leveraging decades of healthcare industry experience working with providers, payers, life Sciences and medical technology companies, we have been a strategic product engineering provider for several global Healthcare companies specially in addressing Digital imperatives across web, mobile, analytics & cloud.


When companies are handling big data, they always need analytics available in real or near real-time to make the most accurate data-driven decisions to keep up with imperative, industry-wide changes that affect profits. Avoid excessive waiting times that damage client relationships. Recognize and balance patients’ needs as well as those of medical staff. Optimize patient care and revenue streams. Take advantage of real-time data for real-life situations. Shris offers wide variety of Reporting solutions like Custom Reports development, Adhoc Reports, Dashboards, Analytics, Pivots, Graphs, etc..

AI driven Custom Medical Software

Shris provides integrated design accumulated with custom healthcare solutions powered by AI that encompasses the diagnostic gear, drug discovery, regular health check-up scheduling, and more. We help you with next-gen custom healthcare software development that not only caters to your needs but also enables you to boost your ROI. We have proven quality of custom healthcare services that automate your manual and paper-based processes with improved results.


Shris developed a Greenmed Soft web application, known as EMR Management System. Patients’ records now can be handled more efficiently, accurately and error free. It reduces operational cost and save efforts, time and money. Sharing of Patients’ records among multiple authorized clinic or provider assists for accurate diagnosis and reduces risk factor of diagnosis management. Greenmed Soft’s EMR system has reduced paperwork and enabled the medical staff to spend more time for patient’s care rather than on file & record management. Hence, enhancing the productivity of the medical staff. Greenmed Soft’s EMR Management application has not only improved overall quality of medical service of our client but also improved reputation of the clinic or provider and increased revenue.

Custom Healthcare Analytics

Shris’s custom healthcare solutions include top-notch predictive analytics solutions that offer insights to help healthcare providers. We build custom healthcare software with integrated analytics that can make better decisions about patient care and enhance the quality of care provided. Our custom healthcare solutions help to predict the risk of chronic diseases allowing in time preventive care. The utilization of resources in hospitals and clinics can be predicted and optimized with smart data-driven insights.

Analytics & Administration

Use our platform or create a web portal for powerful administration tools that help you control content, analyze usage statistics for employees and patients, and make workflow improvements based on Big Data. Use location analytics to create heatmaps, increase efficiency with comprehensive scheduling and resource management tools, and integrate third-party software to expand your mobile suite’s functionality.

HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance Systems

Shris builds custom healthcare software development solutions that are compliant with HIPAA, and other essential security regulations. With secured data encryption, you can increase the app adoption ratio, reduce the risk of data loss and gain user’s trust. Our custom healthcare solution team has in and out knowledge of the distinctive combination of health compliances and government policies. We promptly gauge your requirements for custom medical software and interpretation of these requirements into design and implementing the regulatory health standards in the solutions.

High Throughput Technology Stack

Our expertise and experience in high throughput distributed platform uses a wide range technologies and systems.

  • Happy-Kids
  • clinico
  • proway
  • unilearn
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView

Patient Portal and Mobile Apps

HIPAA-compliant web portal backed with native mobile apps to clients.

  • View medical records.
  • Access a database of care providers.
  • Communicate with a physician.
  • Find nearby hospitals based on the current geolocation.

Healthcare Operational Support

The healthcare operations are agile, dynamic and becoming complex which can be solved using healthcare AI solutions to optimize the analysis and decision making processes. Shris’ healthcare operational support based on AI helps in filling the gaps between humans and Big Data, giving them the required operational intelligence and speed.

  • By extracting insights from data, our AI-enabled solutions support healthcare providers to optimize their workflows and refine the way they work.
  • Our AI-based healthcare operational support helps in scheduling, to determine certain imaging protocol, scanner utilization and information extraction from the reports has become easy.
  • AI-enabled highly customized healthcare operational support help to combine large amounts of medical data to generate a more holistic view of patients by enhancing the clinical decision-making potential.

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We work as your OWN extended IT team. Our partnership will let you focus on your core business activities while our IT services help you progress to reach your business goals.

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We have a long track record of delivering quality services to our esteemed clientele for more than a decade.

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We guarantee high quality and timely services at affordable price. Our structured approach to deliver our services is highly productive and cost-effective

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Our proven software development methodologies help to deliver quality product and service in a well structured and agile manner with strict adherence to timelines and cost.

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Our pool of highly qualified technologists will constantly work with you to design, develop and deploy quality business solutions to meet your needs and demands.

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Our committed to provide you with a support model that will ensure the solutions we deliver are supported and maintained 365/24/7 throughout the life of your applications.

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