Build a proprietary solution for High throughput complex engines

With the team of financial domain experts and expertise in advanced technology solution, We are experts in applying innovative cutting edge open source technologies to provide solutions to financial industries in the area of Trade processing, Risk management, Compliance, Surveillance and Regulatory reporting.

Proprietary solution

A proprietary solution for high throughput complex event processing engine using cutting edge open source frameworks.

Real-time data

Advanced GUI solution including customizable dashboards to display real-time and Historic data.


Shris has extensive knowledge and experience in deploying solutions on cloud in order to be able to provide linearly scalable infrastructure.

Handle multiple events

Engine is designed to processes and analyzes huge volume of events, with the ability to scale up on demand.

High Availability

The GigaProc engine provides high availability for the data it manages through flexible replication strategies and ensures that all run time components are resilient and provide automatic failover services.

Multiple Streams

GigaProc engine also has the ability to relate and combine data from multiple sources as they arrive, in real time.

High Throughput Technology Stack

Our expertise and experience in high throughput distributed platform uses a wide range technologies and systems.

  • Happy-Kids
  • clinico
  • proway
  • unilearn
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView

Trusted Cost Effective Solution

Coupled with the ability to deploy and run solutions based on this framework on Cloud infrastructure, GigaProc provides for a cost effective and viable framework to meet many of the client application demands.

Customized Framework

Shris has developed a distributed computational framework called GigaProc, which can be used for high throughput and low latency data processing. GigaProc provides a means to capture high volume of data, process the data across number of distributed nodes parallely and persist the data for analysis and reporting.

Some of the features of Gigaproc is listed below:

  • Easy to Deploy
  • Cloud based Framework
  • Cost effective
  • Linearly Scalable
  • High Performance

The Shris Edge

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We guarantee high quality and timely services at affordable price. Our structured approach to deliver our services is highly productive and cost-effective

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Our proven software development methodologies help to deliver quality product and service in a well structured and agile manner with strict adherence to timelines and cost.

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Our pool of highly qualified technologists will constantly work with you to design, develop and deploy quality business solutions to meet your needs and demands.

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