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Shris’s AI Software Solutions are transforming its clients around the world. Use AI to unlock new sources of value creation, solve complex problems and accelerate innovation also uses advanced Machine learning techniques and algorithms for predictions, anomaly detections, and several other business case scenarios.We use ML to help our clients make best use of digital data to gain competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities and achieve greater performance levels..

Faster Decision Making

Use advanced algorithms to drive process automation for improved decision making.

Business Acceleration

Create faster workflows, efficient business processes with AI, and scale up your business faster.

Innovation and Growth

Understand Data patterns for unleashing new opportunities of Innovation and Growth.

Combat the risks of fraud attacks

The cost of credit card fraud amounts to billions of dollars yearly. Why rely on human-generated rule sets for fraud detection? We can help you leverage machine learning to detect fraudulent and abnormal financial behavior. A system for fraud detection performs analytics and delivers risk scores in real-time, with great accuracy.


The rate at which data can be analysed and updated by Machine Learning models is much better than humans can handle.

Natural language processing

The common use case for NLP technology is a text-only interface or a spoken dialog system that can answer a human request. But we also use NLP to understand what customers think about your products, extract information about companies or people from news articles, generate short descriptions of text documents, and more.

High Throughput Technology Stack

Our expertise and experience in high throughput distributed platform uses a wide range technologies and systems.

  • Happy-Kids
  • clinico
  • proway
  • unilearn
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView
  • PressView

Digital Assistants & Self Learning

Our AI technology is powering digital assistants and enterprise softwares with self learning capabilities. These softwares are capable of analysing important events, contexts and able to make suggestions based on the given parameters. The top priorities for the day, tasks, meetings, documents, reminders and project management can all be done through digital assistants now.

Machine Learning Development

Shris’s Machine framework allows enterprises to adopt interactive robotic automatic processes. It streamlines the routine tasks and applies high-end conversational technology, which replicate human-to-human, human-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions. The process occurs through advanced natural language processing and advanced analytics that include sentimental and contextual nalyses.

The Shris Edge

Partner in Progress

We work as your OWN extended IT team. Our partnership will let you focus on your core business activities while our IT services help you progress to reach your business goals.

Experience to Rely on

We have a long track record of delivering quality services to our esteemed clientele for more than a decade.

Affordable High-Quality Service

We guarantee high quality and timely services at affordable price. Our structured approach to deliver our services is highly productive and cost-effective

Crisp Process & Plan

Our proven software development methodologies help to deliver quality product and service in a well structured and agile manner with strict adherence to timelines and cost.

We Know Technology

Our pool of highly qualified technologists will constantly work with you to design, develop and deploy quality business solutions to meet your needs and demands.

Support to Rely On

Our committed to provide you with a support model that will ensure the solutions we deliver are supported and maintained 365/24/7 throughout the life of your applications.

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